Broan QS136SS 36-Inch Allure Range Hood, Stainless steel Review

Broan QS136SS 36-Inch Allure Range Hood, Stainless steelThe  Broan QS136SS 36-Inch Allure Range Hood, Stainless steel  is a 36$1 stainless range hood that’s more silent than other Broan range hood. It functions on two rates, large and normal, and works quietly on normal settings. The high fan velocity is similarly more silent than other range hoods. It has 4-way convertibility and weighs only 25 lbs.

Its colors will be changed by the charcoal filters to suggest you need to change or clean the filters. The device uses halogen lamps which are quite vibrant and ideal for the cook with poor vision. The bulbs though need to be purchased individually. The lights have two configurations, both are vibrant enough on possibly setting.

The 2-speed contour rocker change is HVI2100 certified. The machine doesn’t use a duct method and contains a 3-1/4 inch by 10 inch damper. It flawlessly complement a complex looking kitchen and will appears glossy, slender and stylish. It’s permanent and made from baked-on polyester finish paint or brushed stainless finish.


One customer stated that he could set it up himself earlier after getting it and the Broan Allure QS136SS Range Hood he purchased arrived in the mail promptly. Based on this customer, the system is quite simple to install since it is ductless. He also discovered that the lover was so silent, he considered the system was damaged and not functioning.

Another characteristic that many people love about this range hood is the bright lights. It’s bright enough even when changed to low. Even individuals with poor vision can see what they are cooking at night, even when the rest of the lights in your kitchen are turned off, when it’s large.


A review mentioned that some customers mentioned that lots of steam goes in to the openings or floats outside the device rather than heading into the filter. His Broan Allure QS136SS Range Hood couldn’t be also installed by another buyer because the components were incomplete when he got it in the mail. He also stated that it would consider more understanding to install it your self.

A man who purchased the broan range hood stated that the fan appears inexpensive and expects it not to last long. He also mentioned he suspects it will ultimately create sound when the blade deteriorates in quality. Several customers mentioned about steam starting the lights system rather than being sucked in where it’s designed to go.

The Charisma is an inexpensive range hood but appears sophisticated and extremely elegant. It’s slim and can not occupy a lot of room above your range. Other more expensive hoods are large and cumbersome looking. The filters are simple to wash and when you have to change them since the colour changes you will understand. The lights system is most popular function and among its good points. For something which charges about $160, it is worth the buy. It economically, functions quietly and looks wonderful above a good range.

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